TitleLooking for quotes on TrackingPoint scope
Nothing controversial, just operation in regard to its (or the Remington 2020 version) compensation for Coriolis. Specifically, I'm trying to confirm the unit uses a GPS to ascertain latitude and longitude or if it relies on a mating unit (like your Android phone of iPad) to provide the data. It could also be user preprogrammed. The website is pretty slim on technical details.view moreview less
Just a quote on the unit's accuracy – short and to the point. Then experience with it to let the readers understand your authority. If you know the unit employs an internal GPS and if firmware updates take place, that would be wonderful, too. Don't forget to include your company information....since I'm just collecting short quotes, I need to give your firm a plug. Thank you for considering this and I hope you have a wonderful day.
DeadlineMay 15, 2019
Outlet/PublicationGuy J. Sagi Writer/Photographer
AuthorGuy Sagi
CityRaeford, North Carolina

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