TitleSource Call for Scientific Comment on South Africa Proposals to CITES concerning listing status of the White Rhino and Black Rhino
The South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries is requesting public comment of a scientific nature on a proposal
The South African Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries is requesting public comment of a scientific nature on a proposal to: 1. Enable the international trade in white rhino horn by down-listing the white rhino on CITES.  The recommendation is to downgrade the protection afforded to the South African White Rhino population under CITES from Appendix I to Appendix II, which will permit the export of Rhino horn, in addition to the current permission to export live rhinos and hunting trophies. The minister concludes that “The export, for primarily non-commercial purposes, of rhinoceros horn that has been legally sourced, either through natural mortalities and/or horn harvest from wild populations, or from captive breeding facilities, will not be detrimental to the survival of the species in the wild provided that (1) the income derived from these exports contributes directly to the conservation of wild rhinoceros populations and (2) the captive breeding facilities meet the Scientific Authority’s approved criteria for the captive breeding of white rhinoceros” 2. Increase the annual quota of black rhinos for trophy hunting in South Africa, from the current five males to an unspecified number. Recommending that the number of black rhinos available for hunting annually should be increased to a TBD number based on recommendations. After providing extensive background information, the minister concludes that “current exports of live animals and hunting trophies pose a low risk to the survival of this species in South Africa and should be allowed to continue” and “Legal hunting of black rhinoceros is beneficial to the conservation and protection of the species in South Africa, though the current low levels of trophy offtakes do not sufficiently incentivise the conservation of the species or its habitat. As there are surplus males that could be hunted, over and above the 3-4 trophy bulls hunted per year, the CITES export quota of five hunting trophies from adult males could be increased” and “Due to the Endangered status of the species in South Africa and the difficulties of regularly dehorning black rhinoceros, the export of black rhinoceros horn for primarily noncommercial purposes is not recommended at this stage.” The Minister does not support the international trade of black rhino horn. For more information and to download the forms: https://africageographic.com/blog/rhinos-trade-horn-increase-trophy-hunting-minister-have-say-within-30-days/ You have until 22 September 2019 to send your feedback to the minister at: Chair: Scientific Authority South African National Biodiversity Institute Attention: Ms M Pfab, Private Bag X101, Pretoria, 0001, South Africaview moreview less
DeadlineSeptember 22, 2019
Outlet/PublicationRepublic of South Africa
AuthorBarbara Creecy
StateSouth Africa

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