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The Roe


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Deer impact survey Usually carried out in early Spring to assess trees’ survival rate. Our report identifies grazing evidence, scarring of young trees, location of animal tracks and potential bedding places. Deer number estimation In order to minimise damage to new trees and plants, we can estimate the number of animals attending the site, their species and sex. This is achieved using high-definition trail cameras by monitoring access points and main “highways” or paths used by the animals. Mapping Using satellite imaging, a site map is created showing “hot spots” and other affected areas, where active wildlife management may be required. Wildlife control After advising our clients on the most suitable methods to reduce the presence in the area, we can actively carry out culls and advise on the creation of “exclusion” zones. All processes are carried out in accordance with strict risk assessment protocols to protect the safety of on-site personnel, members of public, livestock and machinery, thus eliminating any potential risk. A detailed log is kept for any culling activity and an annual report is periodically compiled to assess animal quotas.view moreview less

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Ongoing research estimates that over two million deer currently roam free across the UK and this is destined to continue rising, due to the lack of natural predators to help us to keep the numbers to a manageable level. I understand, identify and evaluate the effect of the deer population on woodlands, forests, grass and farm land, which can be severely affected by wildlife overpopulation in a matter of weeks without wildlife control in place. With over 15 years back ground in fruit farming I understand the value of time, material and labour and can help to anticipate the potential risks and give an appropriate advice.view moreview less





Maidstone, England, UK