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The Great Outdoors Fund

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The Great Outdoor Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to generate voluntary funding from the private sector to assist America’s public agencies and their nonprofit partners in improving recreational opportunities for the benefit and enjoyment of people of all ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds. From city parks to national forests, The Great Outdoors Fund and its partners strive to make a difference and help keep the great outdoors great.


I am a tenacious individual, known for her infectious passion for promoting responsible recreation and an outdoor lifestyle. She has extensive experience in the outdoor recreation and conservation communities and a professional network that is unrivaled. My commitment to helping keep the great outdoors open for people of all ages and abilities is the primary reason why I established The Great Outdoors Fund. My life has been invested in accumulating a wealth of knowledge working with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, natural resource agencies, non-government organizations and special interest groups to integrate both the priorities of economic generation and environmental conservation. During my career, I have helped build hundreds of lasting partnerships protecting recreation access and opportunities from coast-to-coast and around the world. I have developed relationships with management at corporations such as Toyota, Jeep, and Discount Tire— while also working closely with leaders of the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers and other federal and state agencies. I grew up in a military family moving frequently, even overseas, is the mother of three grown children and currently resides in Washington, DC.view moreview less


I love fishing, boating, skiing, bicycling