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High Caliber History thrives on research and the spread of knowledge. Whether you're an organization or an individual, the goal is to help find the information you need and make it available to you and your clients in the easiest way possible. As a museum professional, firearms historian, and consultant, Logan Metesh can help you with historic research, blog content, museum exhibit consultation, lectures and presentations, artifact care plans, product reviews, video content, ... and more!


Logan Metesh is an historian with a focus on firearms history and development who has written for more than 20 print magazines and published more than 100 pieces of online content for a variety of sources. With more than a decade of experience working for the Smithsonian Institution, the National Park Service, and the NRA Museums, his ability to present history and research in an engaging manner has made him a sought after consultant, writer, and museum professional. The ease with which he can recall obscure historical facts and figures makes him very good at Jeopardy!, but exceptionally bad at geometry. ​Logan has been a frequent guest on the “Curator’s Corner” program for NRATV and has served as an historic firearms facilitator for television shows such as Mysteries at the Museum, Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna, NRA Gun Gurus, and American Rifleman TV.view moreview less