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SHWAT™ – Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™ – is the lifestyle brand of today’s hunters. We are not one dimensional. The #SHWATlife fuses together guns, adventure sports, hunting, tactical training and competitive and recreational shooting. Adrenaline is our ally, focus our friend. If you like guns, gear and adventure, SHWAT™ is your home. We’re glad you’re here.


Jonathan grew up in the 4-H Shooting Sports program. It wasn't long before he was teaching gun safety and marksmanship to kids with pellet guns and .22s. As Publisher at Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™,, Jonathan has been exposed to high speed tactical hog hunting, pheasant, dove and duck, long range shooting and still enjoys the simple fun of the basic shooting sports. He's filmed and photographed different parts of the world, New Zealand to Jordan, Israel to Mexico City.view moreview less


Family, Travel (international & domestic), Shooting, hunting, camping, mountain biking, photography, filming, high end drone production work.


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